Guided tours of exhibitions

Palazzo Madama

World Press Photo 2020

Since 1955, the World Press Photo Foundation based in Amsterdam has organized a photo contest with an international jury, with the participation of thousands of photojournalists.
Only 140 shots are awarded in the different categories: General news, Sport news, Contemporary issues, Daily life, Portraits, Nature, Sport.
The exhibition is among the most visited in the world and crosses 45 countries and over 100 cities. Turin is proud to host it is for the fourth consecutive year.
The itinerary takes the public through a selection of shots that allow you to characterize the different sections of the exhibition, leaving space to pause and observe those that strike us the most.

Price: € 75 per group

Additional costs: entrance ticket to the exhibition | 6 € booking fee 


A trip to Chinese new towns

Guided tour of the China goes Urban exhibition

The Chinese urbanization process is swift and disruptive.
Reducing this phenomenon to exaggeration leads to hiding an epochal change made even more acute by these uncertain times, marked by the pandemic.
The guided tour of the exhibition invites visitors to change their point of view, looking at reality rather than inserting it into pre-established categories and models.
The route starts from the new towns Tongzhou, Zhaoqing, Zhengdong, Lanzhou, an urban world to be observed through musical compositions, videos and photographs, moving from China to the world and from the world to the specific characteristics of the new settlements.
Fragments of the city, Infrastructure, Urban and rural, Planetary urbanization are the themes that unravel in this exhibition at the MAO. The exhibition takes place at the time of COVID 19; this particular moment becomes an opportunity for the Museum to introduce new signs into the exhibition path that allow the public to move around avoiding crowds but continuing to make the most of the contents of the exhibition.

Price: € 90 per group

Additional costs: entrance ticket to the exhibition | 6 € booking fee 

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