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Guided tours online is Theatrum Sabaudiae's digital guided tour service that allows you to enter Piedmont's museums, exhibitions and art sites. Connection after connection, it will be possible to live immersive experiences by crossing geographical distances and breaking down barriers to visit even the least accessible places. Exclusive high-quality photographic and video images allow you to appreciate even the smallest details of the works. Experienced guides from the area are connected live to take you through the journey and answer your questions and curiosities. That sense of exclusivity and belonging that is perceived by participating in an exclusive visit remains a value at the center of our appointments.

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MAO - Museum of Oriental Art

MAO is among the most important museums in Italy and Europe for the understanding and study of oriental art, located in Palazzo Mazzonis, a monumental building from the 17th - 18th centuries in the center of  the city. Its precious collections are divided by geographical and cultural areas: South Asia and Southeast Asia, China and Japan, the Himalayan Region and Islamic countries of Asia. MAO is a window on the fascinating and complex cultural Asian world, to be discovered through the specialized guides of the museum.
The Galleries dedicated to China and Japan
Connected with your guide, we will embark on a journey to East Asia through the works exhibited in the two galleries. Participants will be accompanied inside the rooms of the museum, through an overview of the exhibition to continue in the observation of the art objects of ancient China, characterized by Neolithic pottery, ritual bronzes, lacquers and terracotta - datable from the Period Neolithic to the 10th century A.D. The journey continues in the evocative gallery dedicated to Japan where the wooden statues of Buddhist inspiration, exceptional screens, samurai armor and paintings on vertical scrolls and polychrome woodcuts known as ukiyo-e, 'images of the floating world' are highlighted.
Galleries dedicated to South Asia and Southeast Asia, the Himalayan Region and Islamic countries of Asia.
The appointment with the MAO guide allows participants to be engaged through high quality images that can give the visitor exclusive points of view of the collections. Starting with Indian works of art, with Buddhist and Hindu statuary of various dates, the journey continues through Southeast Asia. In the gallery dedicated to the Himalayan Region, the works of Tibetan Buddhist art will be illustrated, ranging from wood and metal sculptures, to tempera paintings, to the precious carved and painted wooden covers. The tour ends in the gallery of the Islamic Countries of Asia, characterized by a rich collection of pottery and tiles and a valuable collection of bronzes, manuscripts and fine fabrics.

GAM. The Primacy of Opera - a journey through the Art of the Twentieth Century

GAM is among the first modern and contemporary art galleries to be open to the public in Italy. Today the GAM offers a new set-up of the historical twentieth century collection that allows to restore centrality to the work of art. The guided tour allows the visitor to linger in the different rooms of the museum, capturing the overall appearance of the rooms and works, and continue with the description of paintings, sculptures and installations through exclusive videos and photographs. The appointment with the guide is an opportunity to retrace the history of twentieth century art from the historical avant-gardes to the informal, from New Dada and Pop Art to Arte Povera through the treasure of the city of Turin. Among the artists present: Giorgio de Chirico, Giorgio Morandi, Umberto Boccioni, Gino Severini, Otto Dix, Paul Klee, but also Fausto Melloni, Luicio Fontana and international authors such as Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso. The 1950s and the Informal saw significant examples of Giuseppe Capogrossi and Antonio Sanfilippo, Emilio Vedova, Pietro Ruggeri and Giacomo Soffiantino. The New Dada and Pop Art language is represented by works by Piero Manzoni, Louise Nevelson, Yves Klein and Andy Warhol. All the artists of the movement theorized in 1967 by Germano Celant and landed for the first time in a museum in 1970 in the GAM are present: Pier Paolo Calzolari, Mario Merz, Giuseppe Penone, Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Jannis Kounellis, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Gilberto Zorio.

Madama Palace

Visiting Palazzo Madama means taking a journey through time. From Roman gate to fortress in the Middle Ages, from ducal residence to Senate of the Kingdom of Italy. Since 1934, it hosts the civic museum of the city of Turin with over 70,000 works.
Architecture over time
The architecture of Palazzo Madama presents an evident juxtaposition of different souls: Roman, medieval and Baroque. Our goal is to lead you to the discovery of this magnificent building, through photographs and video footage that allow you to enter even in places that are difficult to access to the public. An exploratory journey, led by those who normally accompany visitors to the museum, will start from the archaeological excavations to get to the medieval towers, where we will be able to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Turin. We will continue climbing one of the most fascinating staircases in Europe, designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra, and we will enter the baroque rooms, once inhabited by the duchesses of the House of Savoy Christina of France and Maria Giovanna Battista Savoia Nemours.

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