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Medieval Village of Turin

Enter through the drawbridge means to travel through time and space, leaving the city of the XXI century in order to find a moment of serenity among arcades, fountains, craft shops, gardens and a castle that dominates the landscape with his imposing mass.

The visit of the Medieval Village can be separated into two parts: the first, a free access, involves the lower part of the Village, almost at river level, while the second, upon payment, leads to the castle and the garden. The visit of the Village can have different durations depending on the attention dedicated to the details of the buildings along the road, the courtyards and the interest for the artisanal workings of the shops. The visit to the Castle lasts about 45 minutes and is always accompanied by museum staff able to provide explanations needed to the knowledge and interpretation of the castle, its rooms and garden.


Palazzo Madama

Architectural site UNESCO heritage hosting the Civic Museum

Located in the heart of the city, the building hosts a long history witnessed by the different architectural parts that compose it. Once an ancient Roman gate, it was acquired in the XII century by the Marquises of Monferrato and then by the Dukes of Savoy, becoming the residence and setting for parties and weddings.

With Cristina of France and Maria Giovanna Battista Savoia Nemours (the two “Madame Reali”, Duchesses made regents in favour of their sons in minor age) that the building will take on the appearance of an elegant residence, in particular for the will of the second Madama Reale. Interventions by the architect Filippo Juvarra will codify the definitive monumental aspect.

Today Palazzo Madama hosts numerous collections and works of art, mostly donations to the city of Turin dating back to different historical periods: from medieval and Gothic art to the great altarpieces, among which Gaudenzio Ferrari stands out and, not to forget, the portrait of an unknown man by Antonello da Messina, the very icon of the Museum. On the upper floors the path continues in the Baroque rooms and among the refined collections composed of miniatures, glass and porcelain.

Do not miss the panoramic tower and, on the ground floor, the garden recreated by the study of documents and miniatures dating back to Middle Age.


Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Turin

The Museum is aimed at a large audience and offers permanent collections, temporary exhibitions, study, dissemination and training activities.

A collection of 45,000 artworks from the nineteenth century to the present, including paintings, sculptures, works on paper, installations, videos and photographs, GAM offers the public a rich program: from the great exhibitions of Italian and international artists to the most contemporary research dedicated to young people.

A lively museum, able to take care of and propose new projects, conferences, meetings as well as to collaborate with the most important museums and institutions in the world. Articulated along a path that winds through the museum four floors, the collections and exhibitions can surprise the visitor with their richness.


MAO - Turin Oriental Art Museum

The MAO is a cultural institution that aims to collect, preserve and present to the public significant works of the historical and artistic production of Asian societies. Als the mission icludes to allow students of those countries culture and art to have a more in-depth knowledge of the artworks themselves.

The MAO also acts as a mediation tool for visitors, generally far from the conceptions and the cultural environment to which the exhibited objects refer.  The Museum intends to inspire new forms of thought and representation in the visitor, to reach full awareness of how precious every expression of human genius is.

The MAO is proposed as a reference point for the Asian communities residing in the city of Turin and in the national territory to bring them closer to their native cultures.

The MAO therefore wants to be a bridge to connect different worlds and cultures.


Museum of Sound Landscape and Palazzo Grosso

The museum was born from the will of the municipal administration to enhance the studies and to improve the collection of musical instruments gathered by the musician Domenico Torta who was always interested in the sounds, traditions and melodies of the landscape.

Today the museum, included by an enthralling and unique layout, receives visitors to get in touch with the primitive sense of sounds and music from the simplest and most natural to the most complex melodies and compositions created by man.

The museum finds its place in the historic Palazzo Grosso, a baroque building that hosts a cycle of frescoes of the highest artistic taste developed by the Torricelli brothers in the XVIII century according to a wise use of the trompe-l'oeil technique. The intervention of the artists was much appreciated by their time critics and the same king Vittorio Amedeo III employed them during the construction site of the Rivoli Castle.


MAC - Chieri Archaeological Exhibition

From the discovery of archaeological finds recovered by young willing scouts in the fifties of XX century to the exhibition that tells the life of the ancient Carreum Potentia, now known as City of Chieri.

In the very heart of Chieri centre, rich in palaces and churches that still bear witness to the wealth of the city of, is the MAC - Archaeological Exhibition of Chieri which houses finds from the Roman period up until the medieval era.

Precious glasses, ceramics and amphorae tell the story of the daily life of the Roman settlement.

The valuable collection becomes a piece of artistic and gastronomic itineraries in the hilly lands of Chieri.

Our itineraries are stories to tell, experiences to do, life lived and not undergone; because quality and beauty improve existence and we know it well.


Turin is a city rich in culture with world-famous museums, historic cafés and elegant squares but also festivals, events, shows, street art. The paved streets of the city create a magical and surreal atmosphere where it is not always easy to choose an itinerary to follow.

We at Theatrum Sabaudiae are specialists in our area: Turin and Piedmont.

Our guides are highly qualified and, in our itineraries, we pay attention to every detail and to the quality of guided tours so that they are always an experience based on revelation and enrichment for the tourist.

With the extraordinary strength of this approach we will thus start discovering enchanting places in our territory, where Nature still has an important role and is capable of merging with man, giving life to Culture, the ideal place where Beauty resides.

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