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From Street markets to Central Market. Anecdotes, art and flavours of Torino

From the local market to the Central Market. Anecdotes, art and flavors of the city of Turin.
Since the origins, the market was not only a place for shopping but also for meetings, for socializing between people of different social status, women, men, children and the elderly all looking for good deals, which made these places lively, full of humanity and joie de vivre. Even today the markets of the city of Turin are the heart of the neighborhoods and reflect the same characteristics of the past.
The tour allows you to travel the liveliest heart of the city of Turin starting from the place where in the Middle Ages, takes place one of the most important markets in Piazza Palazzo di Città, once called piazza delle Erbe where vegetables were sold.
Among the alleys delimited by ancient buildings and churches, located in the districts overlooking the axis of Via Milano, we will revive the daily life of the past with its habits, businesses, characters and curious anecdotes.
Once in the Porta Palazzo district, home to the largest market in the city, we will visit the new Central Market, a brand you can find in Florence and Rome as well, located in the modern Palafuksas. The tour will continue inside illustrating the redevelopment project, also focusing on the archaeological evidence of the ancient icehouse incorporated in the new structure and highlighting the characteristics of the excellent food and wine laboratories. Visitors will be able to stop and tickle their palate, if they like so.
The spaces include the proposals of the brilliant Davide Scabin of Combal Zero with charcoal cooking and the eclectic Marcello Trentini of Magorabin, here in a veg version.

Meeting point: in front of the Town Hall Piazza Palazzo di Città, near the Conte Verde monument

Price: € 100 per group + € 30 mandatory mic system

marché di Porta Palazzo

Du marché de quartier au marché central. Anecdotes, art et saveurs de la ville de Turin.

Déja à partir de l’antiquité le marché ne représentait pas seulement un lieu pour les achats, mais aussi un lieu pour se rencontrer, où les differents niveaux sociaux se mélaient, un lieu où faire des bons affaires, avec beaucoup de monde, de couleurs, de parfums, de joie di vivre.

Encore aujourd’hui, les marchés de Turin représentent le coeur des quartiers et conservent  les mêmes caractéristiques du passé.

La visite nous permettra de parcourir le coeur le plus vif de la ville, à partir de la place Palazzo di città, où pendant le Moyen Âge il y avait le marché des legumes; à travers les petites rues avec des anciens palais et des anciennes églises, nous ferons vivre de nouveau la vie quotidienne du passé, aves ses habitudes, ses personnages et des anecdotes curieuses.

Sur la place Porta Palazzo, siège du marché le plus grand de la ville, nous visiterons le nouveau Marché Central, dont le nom vient du brand déjà présent à Florence et Rome.  La visite continuera à l’intérieur pour parler du projet de reclassement,  pour voir les témoignages archéologiques des anciennes glacières, inglobées dans la nouvelle structure et pour connaître les excellences de l’oenogastronomie.

Parmi les exposants, on mets en évidence les proposistions de Davide Scabin avec sa cuisson au charbon, et Marcello Trentini avec ses recettes végétaliennes.

Rendez-vous: devant l’Hôtel di ville – place Palazzo di città

Pour les groupes: avec réservation

Coût de la visite: 100€ par groupe (+30€ pour les écouteurs).

Monumental Cemetery of Turin


Historical and artistic itineraries at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin.
Turin's Monumental Cemetery contains a prestigious historical and artistic heritage and, like many other similar sites, is one of the tourist destinations for art lovers.
Two are the themes that will lead the participants, among the avenues of the cypresses, to approach the works, authors, characters and religious rites.

Valentino Park

Bicycle tour along the river Po and Valentino Park

Thanks to this tour you’ll get familiar with one of the mostancient parks in Turin whose etymology is still uncertain.

With a licensed tourist guide you’ll go into the flora and fauna of the Valentino Park as well as the Botanical Garden described by a professional botanist.


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